We Build
    Massively Profitable
    Online Real Estate

    It's All About Location, Location, Location.

    That’s the mantra to giving your business the best chance to find customers in the physical world.


    That’s what we do, just at the global scale now available to us through platforms like Google, Facebook and others.


    Simply put, we aren’t limited to one single Main Street location. Our customers find us no matter where they are in the world.

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    Why This Matters To

    Investors & Site Buyers

    Are someone who’s bored with the typical returns you see on your investments out there?

    Do you want to get involved in buying online real estate?

    Do you want to be involved with a fast growing, cash flowing business?

    Site Sellers

    Do you have an established site making $100-$5,000/month that you are looking to sell quickly?

    We are interested & can usually buy the site off you quickly.

    A Few Examples From Our Portfolio

    Site A

    Site B

    About Us

    digidom began in 2015 as a small side project between Brandon and Manyu, two friends who had met through an online mastermind dedicated to SEO.


    The initial aim was to test new SEO strategies with the goal of understanding better what really works in SEO, and to use those strategies to grow traffic to websites in some of the most competitive niches online.


    Well, one thing led to another and eventually we, being restless entrepreneurs, had a company on our hands.

    We are now a globally distributed team of more than 22 people, and our publishing network in competitive consumer verticals like health and technology reaches many millions of people every year.


    At any given point in time, digidom is managing a portfolio 15-30 Money Sites. A Money Site is what it sounds like – a website built with the purpose of earning money, hopefully lots of it.


    We are a self-funded company, and in order to raise capital for new investments we periodically sell our money sites to private buyers and, occasionally, via brokers.


    If you would like to inquire as to whether we currently have any websites for sale, or if you are interested in becoming an investor, please fill out the form here.


    Contact Us If You Have Any Questions